Nyoba nulis lirik. . .^^

Nyoba nulis lirik. . .^^

Lagi hobi bikin lirik niy. . .
Pi nggak bisa bikin melodinya. . .hehe

“I’m here”

I’m here
why dont u notice?

this poem was written just for you
why dont even bother to take a glance?

This song of love was sung only for you
why do you still not smiling?

I dance my heart in front of u,
why do u still not feeling my presence?

Even the rains try to express my pain,
you still dont care

though the thunder broke my heart,
you wont look at me at all. . .

I’m here,
why dont u notice?

I’m here
waiting for u..

I’m here
stupidly write the poetry

I’m here
desperately singing the sad love song

even the poem cant express my feeling
even my song cant reach you. .
Though through anything,
this feeling wont ever touch ur heart. .

I’m here
why do you still not noticing?

I’m here
desperately waiting for your love. .
Stupidly still loving u. .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hmm, aneh ya?

Hoho, kira2 ada yg bersedia bikin melodinya nggak ya?

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