[Relationship Tips] How to reconcile after a misunderstanding

[Relationship Tips] How to reconcile after a misunderstanding

To begin with, I have to tell you that I am no relationship expert. Neither someone who has a lot of dating experiences. Nope, so you might think that I don’t have the capabilities to write this kind of article. Hmm, you probably have a point though, but I can assure you, even so, I’ve heard a lot of love stories to be considered that I have my own way to get divergent opinions about the relationship itself.

Yeah, don’t worry anyway, my sources aren’t something cheesy like romantic kind of movies or dramas. No, because, despite my lack of experiences, I don’t know why, but people around me, tend to ask for my advice on their relationship. Don’t ask me why–told you that I don’t know–because they do know that I don’t have that much of experiences, but, still they come for my advice. Haha, well, so that’s how I got my sources.^^

I just happened to want to write this article since yesterday, even though I never write one like this  before. Anyway, try something new is a good thing, right? 😀

Ok, so, ah, what did I want to tell? *sudden amnesia*

Ah, okay, I remember, haha.
This is about one thing that commonly happens between a couple (that my friends often grumbles about): misunderstanding. The guy said that he didn’t understand what his girlfriend wanted, and the girl said that the guy never trying to understand her. Then they fought and got mad at each other.Classic.

It’s a classic one, so people around the world should already have expounded and explained this matter in a detailed way. But, knowing and apprehend something are practically two different things. You may have read hundreds of articles about how to solve misunderstanding between you and your spouse, but still face the same conflict over and over again. So I’m just trying to share my thought in case it will help you better than those articles. hoho

Here we begin.

If you are a guy, one thing that you should know, women tend to hide their true feelings and show it in complicated ways. Sometimes she would say A even when she meant B, vice versa. I’m sure you’ve already realized this, but still find it’s confusing to decipher your girlfriend’s ‘codes’. Haha.

It takes time to comprehend every single sign and implicit signals that she gives to you, but it doesn’t mean impossible. If you spend some quality time observing your spouse, it wont be that hard to know what exactly she means by doing this or that, after some period of time, of course (and if you’re not losing your patience on the way, hehe). I know what you’re thinking right now, ‘why she makes it so difficult rather than saying what she wants directly’, that’s the way women are, guys, deal with it, or live forever-alone life. hehe

Then what should you do when you’re already trying so hard to figure out what’s wrong but still can’t find the answer? You should give her some time to calm down first (but not necessarily ignoring her the whole day or week!). After that, make sure that you don’t beg for forgiveness when you haven’t figured out what your mistakes are. It will only make her getting mad more. Call or meet her, to clear the misunderstanding, don’t text, guys, please, because it will look like as if you taking the matter lightly. Be sure you are in a calm mood too before trying to talk with her or it’s gonna be a mess. Talk in a low tone with her, tell her sincerely, that you really have no idea what’s wrong, and hope her will tell you what’s exactly you did wrong.

After you figure out what’s exactly the problem here, do what you think you should do. I know you do know what to do next.^_^. For a note guys, when a woman gets angry to you, it doesn’t always mean she’s on PMS, she got to have a reason, even if you might think that the reason doesn’t make senses. But, if she cant give you a reason and act violently, watch out man, maybe your little fairy has some personality disorder.

Nah, how about you girls?
Still whining about how your partner never understands you? Well, before asking him for anything, ask yourself first, what have you done to help him understands you rather than making some awry face every time things going wrong? Have you ever told him directly that you hate waiting or you actually don’t like it when he does this and that?

If the answer is no, then you probably should try harder communicating what’s on your mind verbally. Because, well, I should say this, they are kind of dumb when it comes to interpret body language and your thousand ‘codes’. So, save time, ladies, don’t waste your energy by making some awry face, and hope that he will understand it right away that you’re just having your usual PMS. Just tell him, literally, what he did wrong, and what you want in future cases. I know it’s hard to do so, but just consider it as charity, girls, helping the poor (a.k.a your spouse) to ‘read’ your mind.

If your answer is yes (yes, you’ve tried communicating yourself, verbally, without using any implicit words) and things are still not going well, then, it’s rather your spouse is quite a dumb man, or he just doesn’t want to try harder beating his own ego. It’s up to you then, whether to keep the relationship, because if it happens to me, I wont want to spend my whole precious time with someone who has no ability to comprehend my character and deal with it.

Maybe my saying sounds easy to be said but not to do for you, but believe me, if you do love your mate, ‘hard’ wont be in you dictionary. hoho 😛

Okay, it’s such a long post after not writing any posts here, haaha. Hope it helps opening your mind a little, Hoho.
Happy Wednesday!


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