[Relationship Tips] How to avoid third-parties shatter your relationship

[Relationship Tips] How to avoid third-parties shatter your relationship

Well, because the only post I wrote which keep getting hits all the time is the Relationship Tips one, so I think, maybe my tips ARE useful for people out there. That’s why I decided to write another. Hehe

This one is coming from my own experience, not from someone’s else story. This is a lesson I got from having so-called bad time in my relationship. It was a time when trust is being questioned and truths are being veiled.

You know, when you and your SO are having good time and balanced relationship, there’s always people who wants to shatter it. There are always third parties who can’t stand your happiness, because they’re nurturing envy in their heart.  Watch out, because those people are sometime people whom you’re considering as good friends or family.

I don’t suggest that you should keep ill thoughts about people around you all the time, but you need to be careful and keep a little doubt in your heart so that you’ll see things more objectively. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

So, what I am gonna say is, girls, boys, if you dont want to give weapons for those kind of people, you should keep in mind that whatever happens in your relationship stays between you and your beloved. Especially, the intimate things. Your SO wont like it if he/she knows that his/her dirty little secrets being exposed to your groups of friends. When things going bad, those things you’ve been telling carelessly could also be a boomerang. So, unless you desperately need help from others to help solving your conflict, dont go telling your romance in details to people. Keep it as a precious thing that only you and your SO know about it in details. Keep the chitchat to minimal.

Another important note, whenever people telling something about or something your partner had done, keep it in your mind but dont believe it straight ahead — have a little doubt. Even if the news’s coming from someone you’ve known for years. Gather facts from both sides and other sides (there will always be another side). Confirm them with your SO, and then analyze the situation objectively based on the facts you’ve been collecting. Love wont make you blind, it will help you find the truth instead. Focus on seeking what is right, not who is right. 

You should be the one who understand your partner the most. Even before you ask him/her, you should already have your own opinion about the issue you’ve heard. If you’re still not sure about the truth even after hearing her/his side, then you should question your self what the hell have you been doing through all your time together. Trust is the foundation of a well-nurtured relationship. It’s applied for any kind of relationship, whether it’s a friendship or a romantic one. If you’ve already discredited your partner on the second you heard gossips about him/her, then the relationship is as good as broken.

Like I told you, sometime, the one who wants to shatter your relationship, is someone you keep close in your heart. So the keys are, whatever happens, whatever you hear, find the truth first, dont rush the conclusion, dont hastily make decision, and dont get toyed in people’s cruel manipulation. If you keep those things I said tightly in your mind, even if a strong wind blows both of you,  Insya Allah, you’ll stand still and figure things out.

It may not easy, but it’s always possible. There is no ‘hard’ word in your dictionary when you truly love someone, right? 😉

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