A Letter to God

A Letter to God

*Just  thoughts crossing my mind after hearing about those poor Rohingya People*

burma rohingya Dear God,

I cant help but think that my kind–Human– is a spiteful creature. The only being that capable of killing and hurting his own kin just because some stupid arguments or silly differences or even when they think their God told them to.

They can’t stand for those who don’t wear the same skin color as them and hating the others who walk different path than theirs. Having lust and greedy for power and ready to fight till death for those.

God, Why did You create us? Why did You put us in this beautiful planet just for us to corrupt and destroy? I have this same question as Angels asked when God first created Adam.

Why such a creature that write humanity based on bloody wars and selfish desires? Why are we here my Allah? To serve You? Or just as entertainment to ease Your boredom in Your eternal time? Looking Your creation make war after war for their petty ego? Is that it, I wonder, God.

You created rules for men to follow. You know that most of them won’t follow order even so You made them. Why? Some of us do praying and well behaved while some other making their own rules or interpret Your Will in form of destruction.

You know, right? You see and You just see. Why God? Why let this society, this creature You made, fall deep and deeper into darkness without doing nothing? Are You really do nothing God? Or am I too blind to see?

People stand ignorant in front of others pains and tears. Mothers no longer protect their own children. Fathers no longer provide the safety for their family. Brothers kill brothers. Leaders only cares how to make their chair pretty and shiny. Everyone does as they’re pleased. Rules stay as words in pieces of paper.

This sick situation, is this what humanity called for? Ya Rabb, I want to believe that we are created for greater and better purpose. Let us find all that purpose in depth of our hearts. In the name of Your Mercy, please save the humanity.

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