Relationship Phases: From Being Stranger To Be A Stranger Again

Relationship Phases: From Being Stranger To Be A Stranger Again


Every human relationship in this world is started by being a stranger to each other. As an encounter leads to another encounter, a stranger changes its status into another form. The status changes as time passes and so many words and gestures are exchanged. But sadly, for one reason and another, the relationship which started from being stranger will slowly return to its initial form. This is a story about two persons who experienced the relationship which starts from being a stranger to be a stranger again.

Just like everybody else, they started it from a casual conversation. Two bored people, a young man, and a young woman waited for their own friend on a bench. They knew each other’s face since they went to the same school, yet they didn’t know a thing about each other. A stranger.

One word was spoken, and the conversation slowly began. They talked about movies, music, and other random stuff. They liked each other’s companion that in their hearts, they wished their friend didn’t come yet.

After the random encounter, they became aware of each other. They started their ‘research’ about each other on the internet and even continued their discussion via chat messenger. They talk differently, like different things, and have not so much the same taste about everything, yet they did hit it off so that they still enjoyed their light talks and differences.

A lot of sleepless night because of all those chatting didn’t matter to them. It looked like they never lost topic to discuss. From favorite movies to favorite meals, they wanted to know about each other likes and dislikes. Those two moved from stranger phase to friend phase.

When texting wasn’t felt enough, the conversation moved to phone. They exchanged number. They kept tracking of each other’s activities, slowly nourishing the feelings in their heart. They started feeling butterfly in their stomach every time they accidentally met at class. Suddenly, those light talks didn’t feel enough anymore.

The young man actually was a very shy man. Even asking her phone number at first was likely the bravest thing he has ever done when it comes to woman. The young woman knew it too so that she was flattered with any moves he made to her. She appreciated it and even enjoyed teasing his shy side. They really wanted to hang out and have a meal together or do anything, but they waited cautiously for each other to ask first. Both of them were moving on to the next stage, crush phase.

Ultimately, the young man pulled himself up and asked her out for lunch. Their first meal together was awkward, but lovely. The young woman was nervous herself that she even did her makeup wrong. The young man didn’t even care that he even enjoyed the fact–he’s not the only one who’s sloppy at this kind of date thing. Lunch was over, they both wanted some plus time, and heaven blessed it, it started raining all of sudden. They were stuck together, happily.

While asking for the first time was a heavy task, the next ones were easier. Just like that, they awkwardly were going out. They went to many dates, saw many things together. Took a lot of pictures, exchanged gifts and love. The next phase’s reached, lover phase.

The young woman always appeared as a strong and independent woman, tried hiding her fragile heart inside. As her love grew, her insecurities ate her from within, and the young man was too dense to realize.

Eventually, problems arose. Scared of the possibilities he would leave her someday while her love to him didn’t stop from growing, she tried to jeopardize her own love story. She was a coward that rather left first than being left behind. While crying out loud on her own, piercing her own heart by her own blades of insecurities, she determined to leave everything behind, before it got heavier. So was her thought.

The young man didn’t understand her, he didn’t get it. What he must has done wrong. He thought he already gave his best. He thought that his portion of love was fair and enough. He couldn’t understand why she wanted to end it all while he honestly thought they had a good time together.

She’s frustrated by his dense and insensitive behavior, feeling unloved and abandoned. She expected too much while not realizing they only dated for a while, and haven’t given a good chance for him to fathom her twisted mind.

The young man liked her so much to let her go, just after a short period of dating—he still wanted to know her more.

She was too stubborn to admit that she liked him too much that it scared her.

Their heart started to fill with distance.

He who refused to give up came after her running back, trying to shorten the distance. Grabbed her wrist, and told her he didn’t want it to end.

She was moved by his weary face and effort. This time, she was crying happily to the fact that he didn’t leave her behind. They started going out again.

Days passed. Months passed. Year’s changed. They were still together, though a lot of fights and arguments had happened, they had reached some understanding.

But, she never changed. Her twisted mind still existed. Her insecurities beat her every single time, and made her do the same thing for the same reason, again, and again. Fortunately, he still thought that she’s worth it, and tried to fix their relationship every time it happened.

Year’s changed again, they were still laughing together. Shared more memories, planned more things for the future, their future.

Another year came by, thing’s gotten worse, she got a mental breakdown as a lot of things were going down in her life. She’s changed into another level of crankiness. They had more fights and misunderstandings. Their relationship was shaken.

Every man on earth has a limit, and he’s reached his. He’s sick of her non-stop rambling about her life and people. He’s tired of her cranky attitude.

She was lonely and depressed. She felt that she didn’t have anyone left on her side, not even him. She noticed how her being became a burden and eyesore to him.

He only wanted her to change her gloomy self.

The distance started filling up again.

She’s too sad to look everything calmly, and just wanted to get rid of everything.

He really was too jaded to comfort her.

Their time was running out. The break up happened.

There was tiny little love left between them, so that after a while, he tried to pick it up and patched their bent relationship. They started going out again, but with a little residue of sadness and disappointment lingering.

But, the same thing slowly happened.

The fun conversations were decreasing, little by little. Instead, the arguments were the one increasing. The distance stretched out more and more. The bent relationship couldn’t get straight.

She felt more and more unloved. She felt unwanted.

He felt that she’s too full of herself and ignored his feelings.

In the end, both of them stopped trying. It bent too much, that it finally broke.

They became a stranger, again. With no understanding and love left. Time burned out their love, now it’s only dust and ashes.

As time and season changed, the relationship’s changed, from being a stranger to be a stranger again. Just like that, their story was rounded off as the distance stretched between them.

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